Valentines Day Specials

Available 12th-16th of February 🙌

Bring a gym date for free – bring a mate or a date to the gym for free on valentines week

Join together – Join as a couple / pair and get 50% off the joining fee, plus your first week at half price! (3-month lock-in)

On Valentines Day – Dumbbells up, dumbbells down. If you’re single, place your dumbbells upright. If you’re not single, place your dumbbells flat.

(Sign up in the facilities for the promotion)

Existing members:

Burpees for discounted PT – More burpees, more discount! Each burpee =0.5% off a 60 minute PT session – Burpees must be performed in a single set with a PT watching, chest to floor clap hands at the bottom, hands up feet off the ground at the top.

Featured Class:

Pay just $20 (Day Pass) and trial a whole week of our NEW 6am classes. Book online or in-house. Bring a mate along or come try out for free!

T&C’s Apply