Benefits of Spin

There’s SO many reasons to join in on Spin! Check out some of the incredible benefits Spin can provide for you:

  1. Endorphins Rush: Spin releases a high dosage of endorphins which makes you feel happier and also helps you to sleep better.
  2. Toned Lower Body: It’s known to everyone that spinning is a great way to shape your legs. Varying workouts will help to tone your quads, hamstrings & glutes.
  3. Strong Core & Back: That’s right! Spin is not only great for your legs, it’s great for core stability and strengthening your back!
  4. Increased Flexibility in Joints: Spin is a high intensity, low impact exercise that keeps your knees and hip-flexors well oiled.
  5. Burns Fat: One of everyone’s favorite benefits! 45 minutes of spin burns about 500 calories! Spin also has an after-burn effect called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which helps you to burn more calories for up to 14 hours after finishing!
  6. Increases Endurance: If you feel weak while performing simple daily tasks, this may be due to a lack of endurance. Spin is a great way to increase endurance without the tough demands of exercises like running, climbing, etc.
  7. Promotes a Healthy Heart: According to BHF, regular cycling cuts the risk of heart disease in 1/2! It also can increase you cardiovascular fitness up to 3-7% and will help you to increase stamina and maintain a healthy heart beat.
  8. Boosts You Immune System: The cells of the body become more active and are more likely to fight against disease including some types of cancer!
  9. Improves Multiple Parts of the Body: Spin also improves lung capacity, circulation and the digestive system.
  10. It’s a Glow-up: Sweating it out in Spin has been linked to reversing the effects of aging on the skin leaving you glowing!