Richie ‘The Hatchet’ Hadlow! 45 Fights, 4 National Titles, 10/15 international bouts and CWG contender!

*When did you start boxing?
Started amateur boxing in 2012 with Stewart Mitchell. My first bout was in Chirstchurch Metro at 69kg.

*Hardest fight and why?
There is never an easy fight! But two fights were memorable, my 18th fight with Latu Talu (at 2015 Nationals Final) was difficult as my fitness was shocking having just had my hand out of a cast (for a broken thumb). This fight was won on heart and Mana..My 21st fight was with the current Australian 64kg Commonwealth Games representative Liam Wilson in 2016. He switched stances and landed a few good body rips. This was the first time I felt like someone was “too much” for me in the ring. I lost this bout but learnt a lot in terms of dealing with a smart boxer.

*Best fight and why?
I’ve competed at the highest level and sparred world champions, but my best fight will probably always be my 14th at my first boxing nationals in finals with Leroy Hindley (current NZ Commonwealth Games 69kg representative) in 2014 hosted in Queenstown. I won in dramatic fashion in the 1st round. It was the home crowd, my first nationals and the event was overwhelming.

*What does it take to be an athlete?
Being a boxer has taught me to be disciplined and given me drive to face my fears and pursue my very best.

*Biggest life achievement?
My biggest achievement has been representing New Zealand at CWG.

*Highlight of CWG so far?
Highlight was stepping into the ring with the crowd screaming for me in both fights.

*What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from everyone surrounding me. Gym mates, flat mates, my coach and other boxers.

*What’s next?
I will press the reset button and take some time off with a trip to Thailand. I will contemplate very carefully a professional boxing career but will focus on helping others in the gym achieve their goals.

*What do you think about when you are alone in the car?
When I’m alone in the car I’m usually busting freestyle to a rap song, thinking about how my life would be if I was a rapper.