Workout of the week!

Its time for the Nifty Fifty! You’ve got 4 exercises and, you guessed it, 50 reps of each! For Time:• 50x Deadlifts (50 KG)• 50x Wall balls• 50x Cal row• 50x Air squats Write you’re result up on the mirror in the gym! Check it out on our members FB page HERE

I.F June Newsletter

Winter may be here but we’re just getting warmed up! Read the I.F June newsletter to find out all the latest, whats happening with the team and all the latest meals & deals by clicking HERE

Workout of the week!

It’s only 26 minutes! Do you have it in you? 16M AMRAP ACCUMULATOR:• Squats• Frog squats• Burpees* Start at 2 and increase by 2 reps each round—-10M AMRAP ACCUMULATOR: • Single leg Jack Knives• Single leg lowers• Crunches*Start at 5 & increase by 5 reps each round Check it out on our members page HERE

I.F Newsletter 08/05/2020

The I.F Newsletter is here! Celebrating and giving a shout out to all the mothers out there: “Happy Mothers day!” Check out what going on as we prepare for level 2, what new with Fight science and all the latest by reading the newsletter HERE